INOVIOS Advisory – Digital in automotive


Over more than twenty years, our partners supported clients to improve efficiency significantly and realizing new business models successfully. Please find a selection of credentials:



Digitalization strategyDevelopment of a corporate-wide digitalization strategy for a premium OEM
Future sales
Development of a sales strategy for a premium OEM
Customer Journeys Alignment of touchpoints (on- and offline) along the customer lifecycle for a premium OEM
Artificial intelligenceUse case development for artificial intelligence for an international supplier
Business Development Center Development of new sales approach to improve customer retention and acquisition for a premium OEM
Connected vehicleStrategic framework and preparation for realization of connected services for a premium OEM
B2B connectivity Strategic framework for connected fleet services for a premium OEM
New retail formatsDevelopment of new retail formats for a premium OEM
Retail integration & steering
Efficiency improvement of the distribution network for a multi-brand OEM
Urban ecosystemDevelopment of an ecosystem „Urban Mobility“ for a multi-brand OEM
Hailing services
Corporate-wide hailing strategy for a multi-brand OEM
Sharing services Corporate-wide sharing strategy for a multi-brand OEM
Smart parking Internationalization strategy for smart parking solutions of a multi-brand OEM
Data-driven business models
Strategic framework for a data-driven organization of a multi-brand OEM
Future of Mobility
Corporate strategy „Future Mobility“ for a multi-brand OEM