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Services overview

INOVIOS is combining decades of experiences in the automotive industry with a clear focus on digitalization. Our proven service offerings cover the entire spectrum from initial idea through strategic concept to detailed design of digital solutions.

INOVIOS Advisory


Digital in automotive

We are supporting automotive clients since more than two decades developing and realizing their strategies. Our clients benefit from our clear view on the megatrends, our detailed expertise in the automotive value chain and the proven set of advisory approaches and tools to develop the best fitting strategy.

Why? – INOVIOS service offerings (selection):

// Target picture design and scenario planning
// Strategic market analysis and trend scouting
// Value proposition development
// ...

INOVIOS Advisory


Digital in automotive

Clear understanding of the overall strategy is a prerequisite to develop the right business models. Strategic goals are nailed down in e.g. concrete products & services as well as target operating models. Quick wins demonstrate the success of your initiative internally and externally.

What? – INOVIOS service offerings (selection):

// Service portfolio development
// Business model design and review
// Target operating model design
// Revenue and business case calculation
// ...

INOVIOS Advisory


Digital in automotive

Successful realization of your initiative is based on our experiences in digital transformation. We lay the foundation of your targeted operational model, e.g.: organizational structure, core processes and partner network. Our result-oriented transformation management puts your initiative into reality.

How? – INOVIOS service offerings (selection):

// Transformation planning
// Organizational set-up
// Skills & capabilities definition
// Partner ecosystem development
// ...